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Working time audit (part-time employee)

In a working time audit, the working hours agreed in a part-time employee’s employment contract are compared to the actual working hours. If the actual working hours are more than the hours in the employment contract, the contract is amended to correspond to the actual situation.

Some PAM collective agreements contain a clause that requires employers to periodically compare actual working hours and the working hours in employment contracts together with the employee. If the actual working time is regularly higher than the hours in the employment contract for no valid reason, this must be entered in the employee’s employment contract.

Under the collective agreement in the retail sector, this working time audit must be performed every six months. It has been possible to agree locally on a longer audit period not exceeding one year. Under the collective agreement for the hospitality sector, the audit must be performed annually. More regular audits may be agreed at the workplace.
In the security guarding sector, working time audits and updates of employment contracts must be performed if the employee or the employer demands it. There is also an audit clause in the Alko collective agreement.

It is important to update actual working time in employment contracts. When hours are written into your employment contract, it makes your earnings situation more secure.

Check your own collective agreement to see how working time audits are carried out.
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