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Membership benefits for leisure trips

Use the product code when booking leisure trips. You do not need to use your customer number. Find all the benefits here.

 Leisure cruises

Discount up to 20% on current prices

- Helsinki-Stockholm cruise Up to 20% off. Up to 10% off the following cabin categories: LYX, LXR, B2X, A2L, A2D, B2T and B4F,

product code FKKRY

- Day cruise Helsinki-Tallinn

Up to 10% off, product code FKKRYD

- 24 h cruise from Turku

Up to 10% off, product code FKKRY

Any changes made to a booking later on may also affect the prices of services booked earlier.

You can also use voucher offers available ever month, discount of up to 50% on current prices depending on the season, product code FPKRY.

Leisure route bookings

Helsinki–Mariehamn–Stockholm route up to 20% off

- Helsinki–Tallinn route

Up to 15% off passenger tickets

Up to 20% off car fares

- Turku–Mariehamn– Stockholm route

Up to 10% off cabins Up to 20% off car fares Discount given on price of passenger ticket, car and cabin. Final price based on date and time of departure, time of booking and size of vehicle. Other services based on standard price list. Product code FVRES.

You can also use voucher offers each month, discount depending on season and route up to 50% off current prices, product code FPREIT.

For the best offers we also recommend you to join Viking Line Club for free www.vikingline.fi/viking-club

Bookings for leisure trips

Best prices available online. Online www.vikingline.fi or our sales service, tel. 0600 41577 (2.01 €/answered call + network charge)


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