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Discounts on insurance premiums

As Turva customers, PAM members receive a permanent 10% discount on continuous voluntary home, car and personal insurance cover from the first insurance period. As a Turva customer, members also receive an incremental owner-customer discount based on the length of the customer relationship. If you have been a customer for a year, the owner-customer discount is 5%. After five years of being an owner-customer, the customer discount rises to 7% and after ten years the discount is 10%. The owner-customer discount applies to all insurance cover, including motor insurance.

When you bundle your insurance cover with Turva, as a new customer you will receive the above 7% owner-customer discount straight away in addition to the union discount. 

There’s also an appointment booking service at turva.fi/turvaan (in  Finnish), where you can make an appointment with a Turva specialist on the channel and at the time of your choice.

Insurance for trade union members from Turva

Trade union members and their families can benefit from special, competitively priced Union comprehensive motor vehicle insurance cover. It includes, amongst other things, bonus protection, meaning that subsequent collision damage does not reduce your bonus.

Turva also offers trade union members customised life insurance cover (‘Henkikulta’ and ‘Parikulta’).

Benefits for the unemployed

Turva provides benefits for unemployed trade union members: If a trade union member’s building or personal property is damaged whilst unemployed, coverage is provided by home insurance with no basic deductible. The deductible benefit may be used once per customer/membership period and household and after notification of unemployment has been made to the unemployment fund. If necessary Turva also grants unemployed members six weeks’ interest-free extended payment time for insurance premiums.

More information on insurance cover and membership benefits from Turva customer service on 01019 5110, e-mail asiakaspalvelu@turva.fi or www.turva.fi/pam.


More information for employee representatives

Travel insurance for employee representatives

PAM’s employee representatives are insured when travelling while off-duty. The insurance covers the union’s shop stewards, occupational safety representatives, occupational safety delegates and EWC delegates as well as their deputies. The insurance also covers family members aged under 15 (biological children or children living in the same household) when they are travelling with the above-mentioned insured individuals.


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