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Studies and membership fees

You are entitled to an exemption from membership fees when you are out of work for a valid reason and do not receive a salary. To qualify for the exemption, report your unpaid period away from work to PAM. Studying is a valid reason for an unpaid period.

If you start studying and your salary earnings are interrupted, remember to let PAM know. Institutions of education do not automatically share information with trade unions, so you will have to notify PAM of your studies yourself.

If you earn a salary alongside your studies, you will have to pay your membership fee normally. You do not have to pay a membership fee if you do not receive a salary or allowance from the Unemployment Fund. If you receive an allowance from the Unemployment Fund during your studies, you will have to pay your fees from the allowance as usual.

You can report your fee exemption

If you didn’t report your period of unpaid leave as soon as it began, contact PAM as soon as possible to agree how we can get your fees and membership up to date.


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