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New job, occupation or employment contract

When you change jobs or occupations, please remember to inform PAM of the change. This will guarantee that you’ll receive mail relevant to your specific occupation while also helping us look after your interests. Always submit your tax card to your employer when you start a new job.

Membership fees

If your employer has collected your membership fees from your pay, you should make a new membership fee collection agreement when:

  • you change employers or jobs;
  • you sign a new fixed-term employment contract.

The fact of the matter is that a membership fee collection agreement between you and your employer only concerns one employer at any given time. If you have a fixed-term employment contract, your employer will stop collecting your membership fees according to your collection agreement at the same time as your contract ends. If and when you continue working under a new contract, you must always make a new collection agreement. When you start working again, you should check your payslip to make sure that collection has started.

Collection Agreement for Subscriptions


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