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Membership card

All PAM members receive a membership card as proof of their PAM membership.

There are two alternatives:

  1. a plastic membership card
  2. a mobile membership card on your phone.

All members can order a mobile membership card. All those who have already received a plastic card can also order a mobile card.

A mobile membership card is environmentally friendly and you can always carry it with you. Its additional features allow you to read news and member offers whenever and wherever you want. The mobile card provides the same benefits as a plastic card – only the Neste Oil fuel discount is not available on the mobile card.

The mobile membership card functions with the Cardu mobile card app, which is a free app that can be installed on most smartphones. Technical implementation of the service is carried out by Sunduka Oy.

Order a card to your mobile phone using our member e-service, which you can access on the right-hand side of the top menu bar of our website.

When you log in, go to the ‘Membership data’ form and choose the card that you wish to order at the bottom of the form. Please note! Before making the order, always remember to check that you have added your correct phone number in the ‘Mobile phone’ field.

What does a mobile card include?

The card features

  1. the same information as a plastic card;
  2. useful additional features for mobile phones, such as:
    • PAM phone numbers that you can call directly from your phone,
    • member pages that include changing content, such as PAM news and member benefits.


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