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Local branch

Did you know that you also belong to a local trade union branch, where you can participate in various events and influence the union’s activities? When you joined PAM, you also joined a local branch.

Local trade union branches are independent associations that make up a union – in this case, Service Union United PAM. A local branch may operate in an individual workplace, or it may include employees from several workplaces within a certain area. Local branches represent their members within the union; they make motions, influence the living and working conditions of service sector employees and offer services to their members. You can find the number of your own local trade union branch on your membership card, for example.

More information for employee representatives

Your local branch enables you to make motions to improve collective agreements in your sector and participate in training courses, workplace activities and leisure events, etc. By attending the spring and autumn meetings of your local branch, you can also make suggestions and take part in planning activities organized by the branch.


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