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Keywords: Shop steward, Health and safety representative


Any PAM member can become a liaison. Unlike shop stewards and occupational health representatives, a liaison is not elected to represent employees; it’s enough to inform PAM that you wish to become one. You can become a liaison even if there is already a shop steward and/or an occupational safety representative in your employer company.

A liaison is literally the link between his/her workplace and the union. PAM provides liaisons with current and useful information that is relevant to themselves and their colleagues.

Duties of a liaison:

  • Informing the workplace and colleagues about PAM.
  • Ordering various PAM materials for the workplace.
  • Maintaining contact with PAM and informing PAM about any special circumstances at the workplace.
  • Assisting the shop steward.
  • Participating in training sessions and other events, if he/she so wishes.

A liaison plays an important role at the workplace, because he/she welcomes new colleagues, hands out material about joining the union and discusses joining the union with employees. In addition, a liaison also assists the shop steward at the workplace. PAM arranges events for liaisons on a yearly basis.

However, the tasks of the liaison do not involve negotiating in conflict situations at the workplace or giving advice on how to interpret the collective agreement.

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