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Learn Finnish

Learn Finnish at PAM in Helsinki! - Application for autumn 2020 courses starts in July

"Learn Finnish" is a course where the aim is for the participant to learn how to use Finnish at work and in everyday life. The course participants will also familiarize themselves with the rules and customs of Finnish working life.

If you work as a cleaner, in a restaurant or a store, you can join PAM. When you are a member of PAM, you can apply to available Finnish language and culture courses. During the course, you will learn the Finnish language and more about Finnish culture and unions. At the end of the course you will recieve a diploma, where it is stated what you have studied.

Finnish courses start in the spring time and autumn. The application should be done before the course starts.

Next autumn we have three groups in Helsinki. Groups are divided according to the participants' level of understanding of Finnish and the groups begin in September.

The courses lasts for 15 weeks and there are classes each week at the same time. Groups also have a joint last class.

Autumn 2020 application starts in July

Application starts 28 July and ends 31 August. Applicants will be notified latest on 7 September on the selection. Apply through PAM event calendar.

Courses start 16th of September at 3.30pm with a level test in Helsinki. First time level test is absolutely mandatory so that we can sign you to a group based on your finnish skill level. The final time is also all groups together on 15th of December at 4pm when you will recieve diplomas.
Applicants are notified by 7th of September about selection to the course. Each group will be maximum of 15 students.

Here are the groups for autumn 2020:

Group 1: Opin suomea – alkeet (beginners' course)
Tuesdays 3pm-4.30 pm

Ryhmä 2. Puhun suomea – keskitaso (mid level)
Tuesdays 4.30pm – 6pm.

Ryhmä 3. Luen ja kirjoitan suomea – edistyneet (advanced)
Wednesdays 4pm to 5.30pm

Each group will have about 10-15 students.

Groups meet every week at the same time and the last time is on 15th of December at 4pm together with all three groups where you will receive diplomas for the course.

How to apply

1) Application form can be found in english here or application form in finnish here
You can also find the course at PAM event calendar with word 'Opi suomea' or 'Learn Finnish'
2) Press 'Ilmoittaudu' (sign up)
3) Log in using a strong identification 
4) answer required fields and complete registration

You will recieve a confirmation email after the registration is complete. If you can't find it check that it is not in spam folder.

There are two forms for the same course, one is in finnish and one in english, but you only need to fill out one application. You will recieve information about selections for the course by 7th of September.

Search course "Opi suomea" and ILMOITTAUDU / APPLY

If you are interested or have more questions about PAM*s Finnish courses you can contact our course secretary by emailing kurssisihteeri(at)pam.fi.



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