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Employer subsidy for training for employee representatives

Employer subsidies negotiated for 2020

You can download and print a Finnish-language list of employer-subsidised courses negotiated for 2020 here.  (employer subsidies are negotiated separately for each sector, and you can find details of these sectors in the document). Negotiations with Palta are still ongoing, so there are no courses yet marked for Palta sector (such as guards, Veikkaus and so forth.)

For 2019 you can find them here 

Employer-subsidised training refers to training courses organised for employee representatives, which employers generally equate to paid work.

Some of the courses for employee representatives fall within the scope of employer subsidy, which means that your employer will compensate you for any loss of earnings equivalent to your pay.

Check the training appendix or training agreement included in your collective agreement for any restrictions applicable to employer subsidy. These may include details such as the number of courses or course days per year.

If your employer will not cover your loss of earnings (i.e. pay) due to your participation in the course that you would like to take, PAM will support your participation. Financial support available for training depends on the type of course and on your position as an employee representative.

Your employer should fill in a certificate for loss of earnings, indicating your daily net pay on the certificate.
You can download a template for the certificate for loss of net earnings here.

Please note! The course application procedure. You are required to know the name and e-mail address of the superior granting your study leave for the purpose of participating in employee representative training. Whenever you sign up for a course that requires your employer to grant you study leave with or without pay, you are required to give your superior’s e-mail address. When you sign up, your superior will receive an e-mail with information on the course and a request to confirm your study leave.

Intructions for approvers/employer representatives

Periods of study leave are approved by a representative of your employer, usually your superior or HR manager.
You can print out the instructions for approvers/employer representatives in Finnish here.

Whole guide in english here

In short, the course registration process will run as follows:

1. An employee representative discusses the course that they would like to take with their employer.
2. The employee representative signs  up for their chosen course through the course calendar on the PAM website, giving the name and e-mail address of their superior or the employer representative approving their registration as part of the process. The person signing up for the course is responsible for the accuracy of this information.
3. The employer representative will receive an e-mail message with a subject line indicating the course for which the employee representative has signed up.
4. The employer representative will use a link in the message to:
- either grant study leave and compensation for loss of earnings; OR
- grant study leave without compensation for loss of earnings.

The message also includes a link to a table listing the courses eligible for employer subsidy by sector.
If the employer representative does not approve either choice, i.e. rejects course participation, no confirmation will be made through links, as the registration will be submitted to PAM for consideration, involving requests for further information.

Got any questions on employer subsidies or approval?
Send an e-mail to kurssisihteeri(at)pam.fi. 


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