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All members of the Service Union United PAM and the Unemployment Fund of PAM can use PAM’s e-services in the Internet.  Through the e-services, you can provide information about your PAM membership and, if necessary, about your unemployment.

PAM’s member-related e-services

If you log in for the first time, the password is the first 6 digits of your personal identity code (for instance, 120493). You are required to change your password after your first login. 

Contact the Service Union United PAM member administration through the e-services. Using the e-services, you can

  • pay your membership fees
  • provide information for release from membership fees
  • inform PAM about changes in your profession or workplace or in your employment

Unemployment Fund’s e-services

The Fund’s e-services are an easy access point to the Unemployment Fund. Using the Fund’s e-services you can:

  • send your unemployment benefit application to the Fund
  • send any attachments related to the application in pdf-format
  • check the progress of your application
  • order a SMS to be sent to your mobile phone when the benefit has been paid
  • check and change your personal data
  • send a message directly to the Fund officials who examine the applications

Login to e-service

You find e-services on the top of the page


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