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Collection agreement

A collection agreement is a letter of attorney used by an employee to authorize an employer to withhold membership fees from his/her pay. Therefore, you don’t need monthly to calculate yourself the amount of the membership fee, which is 1,5% of your gross pay. Instead, your employer can take care of this for you. You must always fill in a membership fee collection agreement and submit it to PAM for processing before your employer starts collecting fees. The starting date for membership fee collections is the first day of each pay period, not the pay day. You should notify the union whenever collection is interrupted or terminated.

New employer, new agreement

A membership fee collection agreement between a union member and an employer only concerns one employer at a time. If you switch jobs and have a collection agreement with your previous employer, remember to make a new agreement with your new employer.

Collection agreements for fixed-term employment

If you have a fixed-term employment contract, your employer will stop collecting your membership fees according to your collection agreement at the same time as your contract ends. If and when you continue working under a new contract, you must always make a new collection agreement. When you start working again, you should check your payslip to make sure that collection has started.


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