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Unemployment Fund

The Unemployment Fund's allowance application queues are gradually decreasing - last week a total of 1976 first applications were processed

Photo: Gettyimages

Photo: Gettyimages

The flood of applications has been resolved, but there is still enough work to dismantle the queues.

Last week, the Unemployment Fund received 1164 first applications.  A first application is an application where earnings-related unemployment allowance is claimed for the first time or after a break of over 6 months.

During the week, the Unemployment Fund processed  a total of 1976 first applications. Last week, the Fund's service lines received 1071 calls, of which 854 calls were answered.

Temporary amendments to the law on unemployment security continued. New amendments to the law entered into force on 1 July 2020. 

Check out a summary of the temporary changes to the unemployment security law and their validity here (in Finnish). 

Tutustu tästä yhteenvetoon työttömyysturvan väliaikaisista lakimuutoksista ja niiden voimassaolosta

Do you have questions about applying for earnings-related unemployment allowance?

Unemployment allowance applicants should first search for information on the Unemployment Fund's website and check the details concerning their own application in the Fund's online services. You can find current information on the processing of applications at the Unemployment Fund's page here.






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