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Collective agreement

Temporary changes to Palta agreements extended

PAM’s Executive Committee decided to extend the temporary changes to Palta collective agreements until the end of the year. The changes agreed with Real Estate Employers, on the other hand, have already ended.

In March temporary changes were agreed to PAM’s many collective agreements with the aim of easing the impact of coronavirus on employers and employees. On Wednesday 17 June PAM’s Executive Committee decided that the exceptions made in Service Sector Employers Palta’s sectors will be extended until the end of the year if a corresponding change in legislation comes into force.

The changes concern, among other things, lay-off notice periods, the minimum length of co-operation negotiations and the take-back obligations.

Changes to these Palta collective agreements will continue until 31.12.2020:
•    Private security
•    Customer service and telemarketing sector
•    Household appliances and equipment servicing and service machine sector
•    Golf sector
•    Bingo sector
•    Finnish National Opera and opera technical small groups and technical supervisors and experts 

Extension of the changes will only enter into force, however, if the legislative changes are adopted in parliament.
Last week the derogation period was correspondingly extended in, among others, the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry agreements and the pharmacy sector. In the retail sector some of the changes to the collective agreement end on 30.6.2020, some on 31.12.2020. 

The temporary derogations agreed with Real Estate Employers, on the other hand, ended at the end of May, 31.5. 2020. 

More details on the temporary changes agreed to collective agreements in different sectors will be updated on PAM’s wiki. So follow the latest developments here: Changes to collective agreements due to the coronavirus epidemic.






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