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Collective agreement

Several collective agreements negotiated by PAM and Palta have been approved

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt

Pay in the cinema, National Opera, equipment servicing, photofinishing labs, removals and Veikkaus sectors will increase in line with the general level of settlements in the summer.

The wages of Veikkaus employees will increase by 1.5 per cent from the start of June, and a year later, in June 2021, by 1.7 per cent. The same increases also apply to evening and night work bonuses.

The wages of Finnish National Opera and Ballet technical small groups as well as technical supervisors and experts will increase by 1.3 per cent from the start of June and by 1.9 per cent from the start of May 2021.

Wages for employees in cinemas, photofinishing labs, the removals sector and household appliance and equipment servicing as well as the service machine sector will increase by 1.3 per cent from the start of July. There will be a further increase of 1.9 per cent at the start of June 2021.

The collective agreements in the bingo sector, the golf sector and the customer service and telemarketing sector have expired and the negotiations between PAM and the service sector employers’ association Palta on these agreements have yet to be concluded.

N.B. Due to the emergency situation resulting from the coronavirus epidemic, PAM and the employers’ federations have agreed temporary changes to the provisions of the collective agreements in a number of agreement sectors. 
You can find all the temporary changes here:

Changes made to collective agreements due to the coronavirus epidemic 






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