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Unemployment security

SAK to organise a demonstration against the active model on 2 February - PAM will be there

Today the employees’ confederation SAK has decided to organise a demonstration against the active model for unemployment security. The unions’ governing bodies are also being convened for a joint meeting on 23 January. PAM is taking part in the actions opposing the active model.

The Executive Board of SAK met on Monday and decided on actions to oppose the active model for unemployment security, which has come in for a lot of criticism. As an affiliate of SAK, PAM is taking part in the actions that have been decided. More information will be provided on the demonstration on PAM’s website later on.

There will be a political demonstration on Friday 2 February. Before that, on Tuesday 23 January, the unions’ governing bodies will have a joint meeting. A citizens’ initiative opposing the active model has already collected almost 130,000 signatures. SAK is amazed at the government’s unresponsiveness and thinks that the citizens’ initiative needs to be properly debated in parliament.

"At the meeting of the unions’ governing bodies we will review how we can expedite the progress of the initiative", SAK’s President Jarkko Eloranta says in a SAK news release.
SAK is proposing that the Finnish government rescinds the active model, which came into force at the turn of the year. SAK will present its own active job-seeking model at the meeting of union leaders on 23 January.

"There are many problems in the active model. How, for example, can you ensure that unemployed persons will quickly receive testimonials from employers for temporary employment so that benefit payments are not delayed?"

The Finnish government is currently preparing the so-called version 2 of the active model, which will further tighten waiting periods for the unemployed. SAK is proposing that these preparations be suspended.







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