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Part-time work

Part-time workers–keep your job search active at the TE Office even if you return to work after being laid off

Part-time workers shouldn’t delete their job search.

Part-time workers shouldn’t delete their job search.

Many part-time workers are returning to work after being laid off, and PAM’s Unemployment Fund has an urgent message that can save you money: leave your job search in place.

Part-time workers claiming adjusted unemployment allowance must keep their job search in place with the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) all the time even if their lay-off ends or if they sometimes get more working hours.  To get the allowance, you need to have a statement from the TE Office. Also, with contributions-based adjustment, earnings have a delayed effect.

“Even if an employee returns to work part-time or is on holiday for an entire month when there is no wage payday, the allowance is paid in full – as long as your job search is active at the TE Office”, stresses Carita Wasenius, service manager at PAM’s Unemployment Fund.

“If part-time workers delete their job search, they lose their allowances as long as their job search is suspended”, Wasenius says.

If you work on a part-time employment contract (maximum 80 per cent of full-time working hours), you can apply for adjusted allowances from the Unemployment Fund on a monthly basis even if you are laid off.







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