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Collective bargaining process

PAM’s Selin: Announcement of lock-out casts a shadow over collective bargaining

The Executive Committee of Service Union United PAM met today in Helsinki to consider the ongoing collective bargaining round and its objectives. The lock-out announced in the ski centre and activity programme sector is a highly unusual measure that puts considerable strain on the negotiating atmosphere.

PAM and the employers’ organisation MaRa met today at the National Conciliator’s Office, because employers broke off the ongoing collective bargaining round and announced the imposition of a lock-out at 27 companies and locations from 8 December.

– We have a different view from the employers’ organisation on the extent to which successful and profitable companies have a duty to recognise their employees, for example through reasonable wage rises. We want fairness and justice in working life that is also reflected in pay and promotes the attractiveness of service sectors, PAM President Ann Selin states.

Selin points out that differing views are part of the collective bargaining process. But in her opinion announcing a lock-out at the start of the union round shows short-sightedness by the employers and leads one to suspect that the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK is very much steering the sectoral negotiations.

– Before we had even managed to properly consider the situation in the negotiations on the ski centre and activity programme sector, the employers drew their own conclusions and took extreme industrial action. On the contrary, this situation would have been a great opportunity to build mutual trust through co-operation, Selin states.

Selin says that shadows hang over finding a solution in the ski centre and activity programme sector. In her opinion in the worst case the situation will lead to the wage settlement taking precedence over needed improvements in the sector. She does not believe this is in the employers’ interest either.

– The industrial action announced will affect the employers for a long time. The employers chose the route of dictating and coercion, forgetting that the sector is uniquely important for tourism in Finland. That’s why it should be developed with employees, Selin states.
Service sector workers deserve to be treated equally as a negotiating party in the union round. Selin points out that a situation in which PAM is served up things agreed in other negotiations is not fair.

– PAM has prepared and will continue to prepare for collective bargaining, the key objective being to focus on improving working conditions for workers in service sectors. This objective will not be deflected by collective agreements or wage settlements made by other trade unions, Selin points out.






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