Notice - 26.10.2018 klo 17.28
Industrial actions

PAM suspends industrial action on the weakening of dismissal protection for the time being

SAK Executive Board discussed last week the new Government proposal on amending the dismissal law which includes some elements promoted by the trade unions. These include removing the number of company’s employees from the list of dismissal grounds, shortening the waiting period for unemployment protection and the demand for tripartite negotiations for redrafting the activation model.

SAK President Jarkko Eloranta notes, however, that the Government’s proposal also includes elements which strongly reflect the original amending proposal which would increase inequality. PAM President Ann Selin emphasizes the importance of tripartite preparations.

”The new amending proposal is better than the old one but according to estimations it would mainly confirm the interpretation practice of the present legislation. However, the rationale is still open and we demand it to be prepared on a tripartite basis,” Selin says.

”After the preparatory phase we can conclude our final position on the new proposal.”

For the time being, PAM suspends all industrial action and guarantees industrial peace for the preparations of the legal rationale.

This decision does not apply to industrial action related to collective agreement negotiations in the security guarding sector.






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