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Union conference

PAM preparing for union’s congress – new PAM President to be elected in summer 2019

The Executive Committee of Service Union United PAM has set the objective of mustering 1000 candidates in the congress election next spring. In the elections, votes will be cast for the union congress, which among other things will elect a successor to President Ann Selin, who is stepping down after serving as PAM’s President for almost 17 years.

PAM’s objective is to mobilise 1000 service sector employees for the congress elections in spring 2019. The election will designate around 400 congress representatives, who will elect a new President for the union in June 2019 and will decide on PAM’s activities for the next congress period.

“The most important job for union members who put themselves forward in PAM’s congress elections is to be part of creating a shared vision of how to strengthen the future of the service sectors and workers’ rights”, says PAM’s President Ann Selin.

By aiming for a large number of candidates and encouraging active electioneering, union members are being motivated to get more actively involved in social issues and the union’s activities.

”Union membership is about teamwork. The political powers that be have worsened the position of employees. Changes in the world of work have brought challenges for a contract-based society. The disparity in income distribution has deepened inequality, and the impact of globalisation is continually expanding trade union activity in advocacy issues. In order to get on top of this change we need a strong, forward-looking approach from this team”, Selin says.

PAM’s congress elections are held every four years. Any eligible PAM member can stand for election. Candidacies are confirmed by the union branch. You can register your candidacy on PAM’s website as of the start of October.

“The congress elections give every PAM member the chance to influence what their union does. By standing as a candidate yourself and by voting in the elections you can influence working conditions and what your union does. The elections are also an opportunity to influence who decides who PAM’s new President will be”, says PAM’s Organisation Manager Heidi Lehikoinen.

Service Union United PAM’s congress elections will be held between 25 March and 8 April 2019. Candidates will be confirmed by 18 February 2019 at the latest. The result of the election will be confirmed on 10 April. Successful congress candidates will meet for the union’s conference in Helsinki from 4 to 6 June 2019. The congress will elect PAM’s President and, among other things, PAM’s Council and Executive Committee for the next four years.






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