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PAM issues strike warning in security guarding sector

Service Union United PAM today issued a strike warning in the security guarding sector. If it goes ahead, the three-day strike will start on 24 October and end on 26 October. The strike would affect the entire security guarding sector. The collective agreement negotiations for the security guarding sector ended yesterday without a result.

Collective agreement negotiations for the security guarding sector have been ongoing since the spring between PAM and Service Sector Employers Palta. The negotiations have been made more difficult by Palta’s unwillingness to reach a settlement that satisfies both sides.

“We have been aiming for an agreed settlement for the security guarding sector that would give employees in the sector pay rises on a par with what employees in other sectors have already got. We have also wanted to correct some problems in the pay structure taking the special requirements of the sector into account. We want to try to find a settlement where employees would commit to their work and want to stay in the sector. But this hasn’t suited the employers”, says PAMs president Ann Selin, and continues:

“Palta has not genuinely wanted to negotiate a pay settlement; they have got stuck in a situation that would leave employees in the sector in a worse position than others. We cannot accept this. We therefore had to break off the negotiations and threaten industrial action.”

In the negotiations PAM has also proposed changes to the collective agreement that would improve employees’ coping at work, clarify the wording and revise the ground rules on, among other things, local agreement, compensatory work and e.g. carrying weapons.

PAM has taken a decision for a three-day strike for the entire sector. If it goes ahead, the strike will start at midnight on Wednesday 24 October 2018 and end at midnight on Friday 26 October 2018.

Excluded from the strike are emergency work and duties where the strike would endanger vital societal functions or cause significant harm to the public interest.

The collective agreement for the security guarding sector covers around 8500 employees working as e.g. security guards, security inspectors, janitors or cash in transit drivers. The agreement is generally binding. The sector has been in a state of non-agreement since 1 May 2018 after the previous collective agreement expired on 30 April 2018.

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