Notice - 18.09.2018 klo 17.00
Industrial action

PAM decides to impose comprehensive overtime ban and other industrial action

The Executive Committee of Service Union United PAM decided to impose an overtime ban applying to all sectors, to start on a date to be announced later. If the Sipilä government does not withdraw its plans to reduce protection against dismissal, PAM will extend the industrial action.

“The overtime ban applies to all of PAM’s agreement sectors. We are also preparing for political strikes and other industrial action together with the rest of the trade union movement,” says PAM President Ann Selin.

The aim of the industrial action is to prevent protection against dismissal being reduced in companies with less than 20 employees. In Selin’s opinion, people in workplaces are angry with the government.

“Actions are being prepared at workplaces so that employees can show the government that reductions to protection against dismissal are not acceptable to employees in service sectors”, Selin states.

Selin is concerned about the attractiveness of small companies compared to large companies, if the government implements its plans. She also considers that the political line of the government creates discrimination.

“The Sipilä government is implementing policy that is making life worse for wage earners, and especially for employees in female-dominated sectors. Reductions to protection against dismissal will further endanger workers’ rights and job security and increase uncertainty. Now the government is also discriminating between companies”, says Selin.






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