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Collective agreement negotiations

Overtime ban continues in the facilities services sector

The overtime ban continues in the facilities services sector.

The overtime ban continues in the facilities services sector.

Of the major sectors, collective agreement negotiations will continue this week in the retail sector and the hospitality sector. The overtime ban is still in force in the facilities services sector, and as of the start of the week there is no indication of any new negotiating sessions being agreed.

This week, beginning 5 February, the collective bargaining round will continue in the retail sector and the hospitality sector, and also for technical pharmacy staff, among others. The overtime ban in the facilities services sector continues, but there is a pause in the negotiations.

Following the lacklustre negotiations last week, PAM announced an overtime ban in the facilities services sector on Thursday 1 February. The overtime ban applies to cleaners, building managers and janitors and is still in place. PAM has been contacted by many workplaces wanting to make local agreements in order to escape the overtime ban. Workers in the facilities services sector should contact their shop steward, however, if their employer’s representative suggests flouting the overtime ban.

In the collective agreement negotiations, all eyes are on the busiest negotiating day, which is Tuesday 6 February. Then, in the retail sector, the working conditions and pay of both retail supervisors and employees will be discussed. The same lies ahead for the funfair and pharmacy sectors and probably also the Finnish National Opera.

On Thursday 8 February negotiations will continue in both the hospitality sector and for pharmacies.

On Friday 9 February Avecra’s negotiators will get together to discuss working conditions for train service personnel. The company-specific agreement for the Finnish National Theatre is also likely to be negotiated then.

Some of the agreement sector commissions will meet during the week. The hospitality agreement sector commission will meet on Monday. The agreement sector commissions for several smaller sectors will meet together on Thursday: the copying and printing sector, photo products, household equipment, special industry and removal services.

Existing collective agreements expired at the end of January. The working conditions of the old agreements will apply until a new agreement has been concluded. A state of non-agreement, however, means that both employees’ and employers’ federations can initiate industrial action.






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