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Niina Koivuniemi of PAM: The Government wants to violate the freedom of organisation

Niina Koivuniemi, Organisation Manager at PAM, will meet with commercial sector employees today in the Prisma hypermarket in Hämeenlinna. She is going to ask them about their reactions to the pay decreases planned by the Government.

– I have received several messages where the service sector employees report their shock, faced with the pay decreases planned by the Government. The cuts to the Sunday compensations, in particular, causes anger since simultaneously, the opening hours of stores should be extended, precisely on Sundays and on holidays, Niina Koivuniemi reports.

The salespersons would lose 2–3% of their pay which means about 750 euro annually.

– The overall impact of these measures would amount to about 1,500 euro in a year, and would be even higher for those who work a lot on Sundays and do a lot of overtime. I do not understand how hitting those with the lowest pay levels would improve Finland’s competitiveness.

According to Niina Koivuniemi, Mr. Sipilä’s Government is systematically exploiting the female-dominated sectors.

– Collective agreements have helped to even out the differences between the sectors with male or female dominance but now this Government wants to take that away through compelling legislation. I think this is outrageous and in violation with the freedom of organisation, Niina Koivuniemi adds.

The measures proposed by the Finnish Government are unconstitutional and violate the ILO conventions. Niina Koivuniemi suspects that the Government is seeking conflict and creating instability on the labour market.

– The employer organisations have launched a systematic step-by-step fight against the union movement. This Government decided to side with the employers, turning its back to organised workers. For example, the employer organisation, i.e. the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, has had the elimination of Sunday compensations on its agenda and has also been willing to sanction sickness absences. Now the Government did it for EK, Koivuniemi emphasises.






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