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Collective bargaining

Negotiations to start this week on working conditions in the hospitality services sector

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Negotiations with Service Sector Employers Palta will be the focus of this week too.

PAM and the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa, for the employers, will begin negotiations this week on minimum working conditions for employees working in hospitality services. The current collective agreement for the sector is in place until the end of this month. The parties will meet for the first time on Thursday.

Hotel, restaurant and leisure services are PAM’s second-largest agreement sector after retail. The agreement applies for example to employees in hotel s and other accommodation providers, spas, restaurants, cafes and catering companies. PAM is also negotiating a collective agreement for supervisors in the sector.  

PAM has been negotiating with Service Sector Employers Palta for weeks on collective agreements in a number of sectors. Negotiations will continue this week. Today Monday there are negotiations on the collective agreement for Veikkaus. Talks on the collective agreements for removal services and cinemas will also continue.

On Tuesday it’s the turn of negotiations on working conditions for technical staff at the Finnish National Theatre. The employers’ federation at these negotiations is the Association of Finnish Theatres. The agreement expires at the end of March.

The collective agreements for removal services and cinemas were in place until the end of February. Now there is a state of non-agreement in the sector. The provisions of the expired collective agreements will apply until new agreements have been negotiated, however. The Veikkaus negotiations started already in December and the agreement expired at the end of January.
The Finnish Electrical Workers’ Union is also involved in the negotiations for the employers.






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