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Collective bargaining

Negotiations continue on several collective agreements

Photo: Gettyimages

Photo: Gettyimages

Working conditions for tens of thousands of service sector employees and supervisors will be negotiated in week 11.

The collective bargaining round goes on and PAM’s negotiators continue their work to get the best deal for PAM members round several negotiating tables this week too. 

PAM and Service Sector Employees Palta currently have 10 collective agreements unresolved that expired at the end of February. Of these open collective agreements the following will be the subject of negotiations this week: the removal services sector on Monday 9 March, and on the same day negotiations will also be held on working conditions at the Finnish National Opera. On Tuesday 10 March negotiations will resume on the agreement for the telemarketing and customer service sector. 

Also on Tuesday 10 March PAM will start collective agreement negotiations for Avecra train service staff will the employers’ federation MaRa. 

On Thursday 12 March collective agreement negotiations begun last week will continue between PAM and MaRa on working conditions for employees and supervisors in hospitality services. 

On Friday 13 March negotiations will start on working conditions for pharmacy employees, when PAM and the Pharmacist Employers Association of Finland meet for the first time and begin collective agreement negotiations. 






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