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Cooperation negotiations

Marimekko initiates cooperation negotiations with its employees

Photo: Lotta Jokinen.

Photo: Lotta Jokinen.

Design and textile enterprise Marimekko plans to close two of its stores in Finland, due to financial reasons.

Marimekko Corporation has announced that it will initiate cooperation negotiations with its employees on Monday September 3, 2018, regarding the closing of two stores due to financial and production reasons. The fixed-time rental agreements of the stores are about to expire and Marimekko does not intend to renew the agreements because of profitability problems. The negotiations concern nine employees, seven of whom work within the scope of collective agreement for the retail trade sector.

Marimekko Corporation is thriving financially; its net sales grew by 24% in the second quarter and the total net sales in 2018 are forecast to be higher than in the preceding year. Also 2017 was a good year as Marimekko’s net sales amounted to over 100 million euro. In the light of this positive financial standing, the news about cooperation negotiations has astounded the employees.

The cooperation negotiation process due to start next week will be the second within one month in Marimekko Cooperation as the negotiation process at the Herttoniemi cloth print works was recently concluded. Ms Tuuli Laine, head shop steward, was informed about the conclusion of the Herttoniemi negotiation process the same day when she heard that there will be a new negotiation process regarding the closure of two stores.

“It is inconceivable that in a growing economic situation when the enterprising is doing well, they seek fit to resort to such measures. If one cannot trust that one can keep one’s job in a time like this, when then? Ms Laine wonders.

“I hope that the negotiations will influence the employment of the personnel as little as possible and that dismissals can be avoided”, she continues.

The cooperation negotiation process will begin on next Monday, September 3, 2018.






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