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Collective bargaining

Join us in the collective bargaining round and sign the petition

Photo: Samuli Miettinen

Photo: Samuli Miettinen

The negotiations for salaries and terms of employment in the service industry are underway. In order to reach the best possible result in the collective bargaining round we need everyone's support and engagement.

The competitiveness pact (kiky) was invented by the previous government under PM Sipilä. The pact meant an additional 24 hours of unpaid extra work per year. Employee organisations reluctantly agreed to the pact in 2016, as the government threatened workers with coercive legislation and massive cuts to employee protections. 

The time for working for free is now over. We can’t improve the competitiveness of the service industry with unpaid labour. We can only do it by improving the terms of employment. 

Do you want to get rid of kiky? If you answered yes, sign the petition!






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