News - 11.12.2019 klo 10.04

Incomes register to be used from the start of 2020 – payslip still needs to be attached to applications in January

The Unemployment Fund of Service Union United will be entitled to use the incomes register as of 1 January 2020. From then on the fund will use the wage information that employers have input in the incomes register to process applications. Under the law employers must input information in the incomes register no later than 5 days after the payday.

The mandatory details to be input include the wage payment date and the amount of wages. Data input in the incomes register began at the start of 2019. In future may still have to request further details in cases where the data in the incomes register is insufficient.

This is a major change and at the same time several other users as well as unemployment funds will start to use the wage information in the incomes register. For this reason we recommend that for unemployment allowance applications in January you still attach your payslip to the application. This will ensure that the application is processed normally even if the incomes register data is not available due to possible rollout problems.

Even though in future we will get wage information from the incomes register, the notification obligation for unemployment allowance applicants will not change. Applications must state any changes affecting the payment of allowances as before. Applications must state any periods of holiday or illness and absences in the same way as before.

The Unemployment Fund will start to get details of benefits, for example amounts of benefits paid by Kela, from the incomes register from the start of 2021. At the same time we will also start to input details of earnings-related unemployment allowance, job alternation compensation and commuting and relocation allowance in the incomes register.






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