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Working conditions

Foodora and Wolt couriers fighting for their rights

Photo: Gettyimages

Photo: Gettyimages

Foodora food couriers set up the Justice for Couriers campaign to put pressure on platform economy companies to improve the working conditions of couriers. Now Wolt couriers have also joined the campaign.

Foodora food couriers have been actively campaigning for their own conditions since Foodora decided to cut couriers’ pay and do away with its rider space.

Now the first Wolt food transport service couriers have joined the campaign. According to the campaign’s blog post, Wolt couriers have the same problems as at Foodora. Wolt has also cut its couriers’ guaranteed hourly pay.

“They are paying the side expenses out of their pay, which is at a very low level and which Wolt further reduced in March. Unlike at Foodora, the Wolt couriers have never even had break spaces.”, it says in the blog post.

Foodora and Wolt are examples of platform economy companies. In the platform economy a company provides a platform providing for example food, transport or cleaning services. Workers in the platform economy often operate as self-employed persons, but they are unable to set their own working hours or pay, for example.






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