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Collective agreement negotiations

Follow the Collective agreement negotiations progress here

PAM is currently negotiating collective agreements in several sectors with federations representing employers. Collective agreements set out, by sector, conditions including pay, working time, sick pay, compensation for weekday public holidays and other minimum conditions that
employers must apply to all their employees. More information about the negotiationg process is found here.

New collective agreements in a nutshell in English:

Commercial sector / Retail sector
Facilities Services Sector
Hotel, restaurant and leisure industry


16.4 Negotiations on collective agreements continue this week for copying and printing sector, moving services and security guards

10.4 Four new collective agreements achieved – threats of substantially worse conditions prevented

9.4 Negotiations for security guards now starting

26.3 Collective agreement negotiations with Palta to continue before Easter

19.3 Collective agreement negotiations continue in several sectors

12.3 Collective agreement negotiations continue this week with collective bargaining for smaller sectors

7.3 PAM’s Executive Committee approves collective agreements for the retail sector

5.3 PAM’s Executive Committee to consider the result of the negotiations in the retail sector on Tuesday

28.2 Conciliation proposal for the facilities services sector approved – cuts aimed for by employers not implemented

28.2 Increases of at least 3.5 per cent in the hotel, restaurant and leisure sector

27.2 A proposal of conciliation within the facilities services sector

26.2 Week of negotiations starts with negotiating meeting for the retail sector and conciliation for the facilities services sector

25.2 A negotiation result has been reached within the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry

24.2 The National Conciliator Minna Helle describes the situation within the facilities services sector as problematic

20.2 The mediation within the facilities services sector did not give any results yet

19.2 Collective bargaining week starts with retail overtime ban and negotiations in various sectors

In the collective bargaining negotiations that PAM is conducting, only the schedules for the start of the week have firmed up so far. In the facilities services sector, conciliation will continue on Tuesday amidst the threat of strike action.

15.2 PAM and Real Estate Employers meet up at the National Conciliator's office today

13.2 PAM broke off the negotiations within the facilities services sector

12.2 A week of intense negotiations  

Intense discussions with various employers’ federations on improving the working conditions of PAM members will continue for the entire week ahead. 

7.2 Walkouts at five workplaces in the facilities services sector – in protest at employers’ attempts to weaken the collective agreement in the sector

The workers – PAM cleaners – resent the drastic cuts proposed by real estate employers and the slow progress of the collective agreement negotiations.

5.2 Overtime ban continues in the facilities services sector

Of the major sectors, collective agreement negotiations will continue this week in the retail sector and the hospitality sector. The overtime ban is still in force in the facilities services sector.

29.1 PAM’s Koivuniemi: Facility service sector employees are disappointed – negotiations on working conditions need to start in earnest

The slow progress in negotiations in the facility service sector has left workers disappointed and anxious.

29.1 Workers within the facility service sector walked out

Workers within the facility service sector walked out from their work places today in Jyväskylä and Oulu.

29.1 Tension mounting in collective bargaining round: existing agreements expiring

This week, once again, PAM will be in close consultations with employers’ federations on new collective agreements for a number of sectors. If no solutions can be found on new minimum conditions by Wednesday at the latest, we will enter a so-called state of non-agreement.

28.1 PAM's Selin: The collective bargaining process is running late

The employer organisation's strong cooperation and coordination in regards of solutions concerning pay is causing the negotiations to freeze

22.1 Negotiations on collective agreements continue - agreements are about minimum conditions to be applied at work

PAM has met employers’ federations representing companies in different sectors several times last week. In the collective agreement negotiations both PAM’s and the employers’ negotiators put forward their own objectives for the collective agreements, after which a solution is sought for the duration of the new agreement period.

15.1 Working conditions in the hospitality, retail and facilities services sector to be discussed this week

A busy week of collective bargaining will start off today with collective agreement negotiations for the hospitality sector. In the retail sector, negotiations will be held on Tuesday and at the end of the week, and in the facilities services sector on Wednesday.

8.1 Collective agreement negotiations kick off amid pressures for wage increases in euro terms

Autumn has given way to winter in the labour market, and collective agreement negotiations in the major PAM sectors will get underway in earnest this week.






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