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First meeting of new PAM Executive Committee is today – get to know the board members

The new Executive Committee of PAM was elected at the Union Congress in Helsinki on 5 June 2019. Photo: Eeva Anundi

The new Executive Committee of PAM was elected at the Union Congress in Helsinki on 5 June 2019. Photo: Eeva Anundi

The first items on the agenda have to do with the shop steward elections, member recruitment and preparations for the coming round of collective bargaining.

The Executive Committee of PAM has 20 members. In addition to the Union president and the personal deputy of the president of the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee consists of 15 members and three general deputies. The term of the Board is four years, from one Union Congress to the next. The new Executive Committee features both new members and re-elected Committee veterans. It is possible to serve on the Executive Committee for several terms, making it a mix of newcomers and returning members.

The Executive Committee of PAM makes sure that PAM members are heard in the work and decisions of the Union. In practice, the Executive Committee serves as the link between PAM members, their workplaces, local branches and the Union at large.

The mission of the Executive Committee is to direct the work of PAM. It makes sure that the policies set in the Union Congress are actually carried out. It also steers the organisation of the Union and the local branches to comply with legislation while working efficiently and with the utmost expertise.

The Executive Committee usually meets approximately once per month, but more meetings can be scheduled if necessary, for example during collective bargaining. In addition, members of the Executive Committee participate in meetings of the PAM Council and in planning days of their regions. Some Executive Committee members are also members of the agreement sector commission of their sector.

The new Executive Committee is meeting for the first time today, Friday. Its first order of business will be to tackle issues that were considered important at the Union Congress. The Executive Committee must prepare for three major themes: this autumn’s shop steward elections, the need to recruit more members for the union, and negotiating appropriate work conditions in the coming collective bargaining round.

You can read about the members of the new Executive Committee here






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