News - 10.01.2018 klo 16.30
Membership benefits

Experience the snowy landscapes of Levi this spring with your mebership discount!

PAMs mebers are given a discount of 40 % on hotel room rates at Hotel Levi Spa during year 2018.

The discount is granted on the accurate accomodation rates, also on special offers, when at least one of the room lodgers is a PAM member. Membership discount is not granted on e.g. spa or meal services.

Depending on the period, members can recieve discounts also on other services. In April you will by showing your membership card for instance recieve a 10 percent discount on Ahku Restaurant's a la carte menu and on the entrance fee to the Spa section. The discount covers the whole group if payment is made on the same invoice. Keep your membership card with you!

Levi Hotel Spa grant members a 20 percent discount on accomodation rates from 1.1.2019. The discount is individual when at least one of the room lodgers is a trade union member.






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