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Cooperation procedures at your work place? Here is a practical checklist

Photo: GettyImages

Photo: GettyImages

Did you know that you can browse vacant jobs in the service sector through PAM's web site? That and many more helpful links is found in the link collection below, especially if you are reflecting on cooperation procedures at your work place.

An employer-employee cooperation procedure is set into action due to very different demands. In some cases cooperation procedures are based on productional grounds, where the aim is to reduce the number of workers. Therefore, it is almost impossible to give universally applicable advice.

We have gathered a collection of links to PAM's web site and existing information, that you might be searching for when there is a cooperation procedure beginning at your work place.

A new direction

Vacant jobs in the service sector

Career portal

Unemployment security

The Unemployment Fund

What to do if you become unemployed

Earnings-related unemployment allowance

Lay-offs and unemployment allowance (in Finnish)


Dismissal on productional-economic grounds (in Finnish)

Employment certificate

Notice periods for employment contracts


Lay-offs - some basic

As a representative for the personnel

Preparing as a representative for the personnel (in Finnish)






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