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Union Congress

Congress election candidate gallery is now open – the trouble-free way to find the candidate for you!

Photo: Gettyimages

Photo: Gettyimages

Who would you like to see promoting the interests of your sector in future? With PAM’s Congress election candidate gallery, just a couple of clicks can take you to a candidate who’s right for you.

The Congress elections are approaching and now is the time to check out the candidates. For example, is it important for you to have somebody from your own trade sector influencing the future of PAM and service sectors? We put the details of all the 997 Congress election candidates in the candidate gallery, where you can easily browse them by election district, name, age, gender, agreement sector and branch.

Once you have found a suitable candidate, you can vote starting from 25 March by clicking on the vote link in the candidate gallery or by logging straight into the voting service.

Who you vote for matters

The 373 persons who get the most votes in the election will be elected as Congress representatives and will attend the union’s three-day Congress from 4 to 6 June. The Congress delegates will set out PAM’s activities, draw up the priority action programme for 2009-2013, elect PAM’s new Executive Board and Council and the union’s new President, as PAM’s current President, Ann Selin, will be stepping down in June.

Voting in the Congress elections starts on 25 March and ends on 8 April.

We will also mail an election letter to all members entitled to vote in the Congress elections containing voting instructions and more information on the electronic authentication required for voting.

Take a look at the candidate gallery and influence the future of your sector!






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