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Collective agreement negotiations

Collective agreement negotiations with Palta to continue before Easter

There will be intensive negotiations on new collective agreements in Palta special sectors before Easter. This week PAM will be negotiating on collective agreements in several sectors with the employers’ federation, Service Sector Employers Palta.

Negotiations for call centres and the golfing sector will continue on Monday 26 March. The collective agreement negotiations for call centres were close to a solution last week, but some matters remained that required further negotiation.

As regards other special sectors, no negotiating dates have yet been set. Working conditions for workers in photo products and bingo halls will be considered after Easter. Over Easter there will be a brief pause in the negotiations, which are due to continue on Tuesday 3 April.

The collective agreement negotiations on working conditions for workers in household appliances and equipment service and the service machine sector did not progress last week. Pay rises are still a sticking point. Negotiations on the collective agreement for special industry are underway.

As regards the Palta sectors, PAM is negotiating the collective agreement for each sector separately, since Palta was unwilling to negotiate a joint framework agreement for all sectors as PAM had proposed.

Last week two collective agreements were concluded – new working conditions were agreed for workers in amusement, theme and adventure parks and for Avecra train service personnel.

Follow the negotiations on PAM’s website.






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