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Collective agreement

Changes to working conditions in the hospitality and amusement park sector and for Avecra's train service staff

Photo: Gettyimages

Photo: Gettyimages

These temporary changes affecting the announcement of shift lists and summer holiday dates are in place for a fixed period and are due to the coronavirus crisis.

Due to the exceptional circumstances resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, temporary changes have been agreed to the current collective agreements for the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry and amusement, theme and adventure parks and for Avecra's train service staff. 

The changes affect the rules in the collective agreements on the announcement and validity of shift lists and the dates of summer holidays.

In a statement, PAM and the employers’ federation MaRa explain that the time limits for drawing up and announcing shift lists can be shortened by announcing shift lists at one week’s notice and for one week at a time. This change is due to the exceptional difficulties in forecasting staffing levels caused by the coronavirus situation.

The organisations have also agreed that for the current holiday period any part of a holiday exceeding 12 days can be postponed to a later date. This means that annual holiday that would normally be taken in the summer holiday period ending in September can be taken up to the end of April 2021. This exception to summer holiday dates applies to employees laid off for at least two weeks or 10 working days after 1 April 2020.

PAM President Annika Rönni-Sällinen says in the statement that this summer will be very exceptional and that is why these temporary changes were agreed to working conditions: "The points we agreed on can help companies to organise working so that as many employees in the sector as possible can get back to work”.

Temporary changes to collective agreement for Avecra train service staff

The temporary changes to the collective agreement for train service staff concern the announcement and validity of shift lists. 
Shift lists can be announced at 3 days’ notice and for one week at a time if it is particularly difficult to forecast the demand for services and labour requirements.

You can check the temporary changes to the collective agreements as we update them here.






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