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Changes of working hour act are currently discussed in the collective negotiations in facilities services

Photo: Susanna Kekkonen.

Photo: Susanna Kekkonen.

The collective negotiations in facilities services continued yesterday. Negotiations will continue next Tuesday and Thursday.

Changes regarding the new working time act were discussed yesterday in negotiations between PAM and Real Estate Employers. PAM has previously submitted its detailed proposals regarding improving the conditions in the sector. The goal is that the new collective agreement will take into account the new working hour act.

" We will meet again on Tuesday 28th.  At that time both parties will bring their detailed text proposals to the negotiation table ", comments PAM's Collective Bargaining Director Jaana Ylitalo.

If possible, more precise content of the negotiations will be opened later on as negotiations progress.

Collective negotiations aim to build an understanding between the both negotiating parties.  During the negotiations the parties should reach an understanding about a whole made up of several different parts. This means in general,  that individual points of the agreement are not agreed until when the whole agreement is finally concluded. In the real estate services sector, attention is paid to clarifying the texts. The aim is to help companies in this sector to staying in compliance with the agreement.

During negotiations, the Agreement Sector Commissions and the PAM Executive Committee discusses the status of negotiations.

The collective agreement in the facilities services, which is a generally binding agreement, is expiring January 31, 2020. The provisions of an old collective agreement will apply until a new agreement has been concluded.

If you want to get rid of kiky (the competitiveness pact), please sign the petition and show your support for the ongoing collective bargaining round!






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