News - 27.02.2018 klo 00.20

A proposal of conciliation within the facilities services sector

The National Conciliator Minna Helle has drafted a proposal of conciliation in the occurring dispute within the facilities services sector. Latest by Wednesday the parties are obliged to reply to the National Conciliator, whether they accept or reject the proposal.

The collective agreement negotiations have proceeded under the management of the National Conciliator due to the reason that the negotiations would not have progressed otherwise with the Real Estate Employers.

After several meetings at the National Conciliator's office, Minna Helle has now given a proposal of conciliation, that the parties have to reply to by Wednesday 28 February 4 p.m.

PAM's sectorwise committee within the facilities services sector and the union's excecutive committee will discuss the proposal and reply to the National Conciliator before the deadline expires.

A two-day strike, that concerns around a thousand cleaners and building managers, will start in the facilities services sector on Thursday 1 March, unless the proposal is accepted.






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