Membership fee

What is the membership fee?

Your PAM membership fee is 1.5% of your gross pay – in other words, your earnings before tax – including the fee for the Unemployment Fund. The fee covers all services and member benefits offered by PAM and the Unemployment Fund.

Membership is free for students

Student membership is free and valid up until the end of your studies. If you work while you are studying, you should join the union and the Unemployment Fund as a paying member. By doing so, you’ll accumulate your entitlement to earnings-related unemployment benefits.

Let your employer deduct membership fees from your pay.

Paying your membership fees

There are two ways to pay your membership fees. The easiest way is to let your employer deduct them directly from your pay. Therefore, you don’t need monthly to calculate yourself the amount of the membership fee, which is 1,5% of your gross pay. Instead, your employer can take care of this for you. You can also pay the fees yourself.

You can deduct membership fees from your taxes

Trade union membership fees are tax-deductible. The net fee is considerably lower after tax deduction. PAM notifies the tax authorities on your behalf about membership fees that you have paid or that your employer has deducted every year. You should always check your tax proposal forms to make sure that your membership fees are deducted correctly.

Membership fee for entrepreneurs

Self-employed people and entrepreneurs pay PAM membership fees for their earnings that are used as the basis for their pension insurance premiums. They cannot be members of the Service Union United Unemployment Fund.

Got any questions about membership fees?

If you have any questions about membership fees or situations where you do not have to pay them, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to advise you.